Working With Parents and Carers – Digital Course

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An Online Course Created By Award-Winning School Support Provider, Services For Education

Improve your skills at interacting with parents by learning:

  • Some of the key factors that can contribute to poor relationships with parents and carers and how you can try to avoid them, building trust and avoiding conflict
  • Strategies for building positive collaboration and effectively harnessing the knowledge and skills of parents to improve the way you work
  • Some of the key opportunities that will crop up throughout the year, giving you opportunity work in partnership with parents

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To find out more, please email:

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2019 Award Winners  Excellence In Training and Education

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2018 Award Winners  Contribution to Education






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Trusted Training Provider:

One of the largest AB’s in the country, maintaining a core team with 25+ years teaching experience and primary, secondary and HE level.



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Experienced Team:

High quality support with a respected reputation from Headteachers across the Midlands and surrounding countries



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Award Winning Team:

Services For Education have won numerous awards including the Birmingham Awards Contribution to Education 2018 & the Chambers Excellence in Training and Education.




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Working with Parents and Carers is a video-led online course.

Linda Brown, our Leadership and Management expert and ex-headteacher will talk you through a slideshow packed full of insights, tried and tested strategies and exercises for you to complete.

  • You will be encouraged to really get into the mindset of a parent and think about what situations and circumstances could be affecting their perception of you and the school
  • You will learn more about challenging parents and what actions can be taken to improve relationships in a proactive, rather than reactive, manner
  • You will discover strategies for dealing with social media and how it can enhance your school’s reputation, as well as tips on how to prevent any damaging content going out

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[title text=”about the course leader: Linda Brown”]

Linda qualified with a Bachelor of Education (Honours), and began her teaching career in the West Midlands. During this time, she gained further qualifications, including NPQH, and worked in six socially and economically diverse schools, including an acting Headship in a large 3 form entry primary, and a substantive Headship for seven years.

Following headship, she set up her own consultancy and undertook extensive school improvement work, ranging from work with newly qualified teachers to support for senior leadership teams and governors.

Linda joined Services For Education as a Senior Adviser where her role is primarily focused upon developing leaders, including those who have recently transitioned to Headship.

School Improvement activity, leading governor training on behalf of BCC and being a School Improvement Adviser also form part of her senior role at Services For Education.

More recently, Linda attained Fellowship of the Institute of Leadership and Management.


[title text=”about services for education”]

At Services For Education we provide a wide range of face to face services and professional development opportunities to enhance teaching and champion school improvement across Birmingham.

In 2018, we came to the realisation that, due to budget cuts and time strains on teachers and school leadership teams, face-to-face training courses are not always a viable option for teaching staff.

So, this year we launched our new range of online courses to suit the super-busy educational professionals that are passionate about their CPD, but don’t necessarily have the time to take even half a day out of the classroom.

Flexible and affordable, our video-lead courses can be completed at your own pace, paused and restarted and re-watched as many times as you like.

We currently have online courses covering Safeguarding, emotional wellbeing in the classroom, the Primary IDSR and working with parents, but watch this space.

Alternatively, if you feel you would prefer face-to-face interaction, we do offer a wide range of in-house training sessions and bespoke, centre-based consultations, depending on your needs. A number of these are accredited or validated by external organisations to provide delegates with a nationally recognised certification. Find out more about us here.

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