Planning Your Curriculum For 2019 and Beyond Intent, Implementation and Impact

Your curriculum defines your school – you must own it, sculpt it and celebrate it.

Does your curriculum demonstrate the unique characteristics of your school – who you are, what you do and why?

From September 2019, under the new Education Inspection Framework, there is a requirement that schools communicate their curriculum intent, and create and deliver a strategy for successful implementation, generating a cohesive curriculum that builds on prior learning, deepens knowledge and results in the very best outcomes for all pupils.

In order to support schools, we are delighted to share with you our curriculum pathway, which will provide you with the necessary knowledge to review revise and evaluate your provision.

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At Services for Education, we recognise that schools are all at different stages in their journey towards curriculum excellence.

By examining the highest- quality research, we have synthesised the crucial knowledge, skills and understanding that school leaders need in order to ensure that they are confident and ready for the challenge and opportunities that lie ahead.

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