Understanding the 2022 Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education – an overview – Monday 13th June 2022: 13.30 – 15.30


For those already fully conversant with the dispositional approach this on line briefing will enable delegates to have an overview of the updated 2022 Birmingham Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. Dr. Simone Whitehouse has worked in the capacity of drafting secretary for the syllabus and will be able to explain the Conference’s discussions and the changes to the existing syllabus.


During this briefing participants will learn and update their knowledge and understanding of the 2022 Birmingham Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education:• the dimensions of learning, planning and assessment of RE• how to implement these changes• how to be compliant• the resources available to support the delivery of the syllabus

About the Adviser

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Event Details

Day 1: 13 June, 2022

Start time: 13:30 BST

End time: 15:30 BST

Venue: Online