Understanding and responding to Sexual Harassment & Sexual Violence in Secondary schools


The ‘Everyone’s Invited movement’ and OfSTED’s subsequent review into Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence have highlighted the sheer prevalence of these behaviours in Secondary schools. This course aims to give a greater understanding into Harmful Sexual Behaviour, how it can be challenged, what responses should be given and how schools can an embed a culture that minimises or even eradicates the prevalence of this.



Venue: Services For Education, 3 Holt Court, Holt Street, Birmingham B7 4AX

From attending this half-day courser, Delegates will:

  • Gain an understanding of harmful sexual behaviour?-What might this look like in their setting?-What should they be looking out for? *Learn how to differentiate between different inappropriate, sexual and harmful behaviours.
  • Learn about identifying, responding to and challenging harmful sexual behaviours-Who is most at risk?-What should they do to challenge HSB?
  • Get support with embedding a whole-school approach to tackling harmful sexual behaviour-Why is a whole school approach essential?-How can this be achieved?
  • Gain an understanding of supporting those who have sexual harassment or sexual violence.-Who are the victims?-What support should be available?-What about perpetrators?

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About the Advisor

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