‘Tiger, Tiger’ Multi-Sensory Sessions For Adults With Additional Needs


‘Tiger Tiger’ is an initiative offering cross-arts, multi-sensory sessions for adults with additional needs (mld, sld, pmld, asd) aged 18 plus presented in partnership with Open Theatre.

Venue: Mac (Midlands Arts Centre), Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham
Dates: Wednesday and Thursdays from 6th Oct – 28 April 2021
Price: From £48 (includes adult & a carer) – 8 sessions weekly
Duration: 60 mins

To book please call the Mac Box Office on 0121 446 3232


‘I just wanted to send you a message to say how amazing M and my dad found Tiger Tiger – when I called my dad after work he was absolutely buzzing about it and it sounded incredible!! Both M and the other service user who went got so much from it. I had a tear in my eye when my dad was talking to me about it all and how much M communicated non verbally. I really hope it is successful for you all because it is such a wonderful opportunity you are giving to adults like M. I really hope there is one session in a half term so that I can go with M!!! Congratulations on this amazing project. Best wishes, E xx’  Emily

“My son Christopher (25) loves the Tiger Tiger sessions at the MAC Cannon Hill park. He is smiling, laughing, engaged with Katie and Rosie responding amazingly well. He is non-verbal and autistic. It is such a joy to see him having fun and I would like to take him for the rest of the sessions.”  Beate Wright 

During these sessions, participants will:

  • Experience immersive multisensory workshops focused on developing their creativity across different art forms. People may make huge strides in their personal development, for example in communication and social skills, as the usual complex constructs and pressures of conventional communication fall away.
  • Engage in a wide range of musical activities every week, contextualised by the multi-sensory environment. Music is particularly important for those with severe and complex needs. It is one of the few things that is processed in many parts of the brain which means that though there may be cognitive impairments, music can be accessed/processed through the unimpaired parts. The innate ability in music can also sometimes be higher in those with learning difficulties than their mainstream peers. (Ockelford, A. Music for Children and Young People with Complex Needs). We will be looking at musical progression and communication through sound and logging this development through the Sounds of Intent website.
  • Benefit from multisensory activities designed to meet their specific needs.  Sessions can be tailored to ensure interaction in a way that is meaningful for each participant, particularly in terms of music, interaction, movement, vocal sounds and tactile experience. Having 3 practitioners in each session makes this far more attainable.
  • Work alongside practitioners experienced in using activities and interaction to scaffold participants’ engagement and development. Over time this could lead to increased communication and socialisation as well as improved self-esteem and mental health.
  • Play a part in developing a new project aimed at addressing a gap in provision for adults with complex needs. There are far fewer opportunities for those aged 18 plus than for children in schools. An exciting, engaging workshop that is tailored to each participant could be an extremely beneficial part of the participants’ lives and can offer unique opportunities. For example, for some it may be the only time they are to be independent from their carer, or conversely they may develop a more meaningful relationship with their carer through the sessions. These are just some examples of the benefits of this work – it really can change lives.

For more information, contact us here or call us on 0121 366 9950.