Teachers New to Year 2 – Preparing for Statutory Assessment Processes at the End of KS1


This full-day course will equip participants with the knowledge and understanding required to fulfil their statutory duty for the teacher assessment of Maths, Reading and Writing.


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32 in stock

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Venue: Services For Education, 3 Holt Court, Holt Street, Birmingham B7 4AX

During this course, participants will explore how to make robust, informed, accurate and consistent teacher assessment judgements in line with national expectations and evidenced through on-going, normal classroom practice.

Participants will gain:

  • A working knowledge of current Standards and Testing Agency (STA) statutory guidance and expectations related to end of KS1 statutory assessment processes of testing and teacher assessment.
  • A professional development opportunity to explore the STA national exemplification materials and expectation of related contexts of underpinning evidence.
  • Consider the demands of KS1 tests, test preparation and their use to inform end of KS1 teacher assessments.
  • Understand the requirements of robust assessment and moderation processes.

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