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Soundtots is a musical intervention to help children reach a progressive level of development during their time in EYFS, supporting childrenā€™s language development, memory, listening and attention skills.

These sessions are best booked in 2-hour slots to allow for whole group participation, followed by smaller group intervention on specific prime areas. SFE EYFS Music Specialists work closely with each setting’s staff to monitor and reflect on pupil progress.

Soundtots sessions cost Ā£58 per hour.

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Music in the Early Years Foundation Stage can be provided throughout the week to support the wider aims of school development plans by:

  • Enhancing the development of childrenā€™s spoken language and extending vocabulary, underpinning all seven areas of learning and development.
  • Strengthening a language rich environment, embedding vocabulary through the use of song, rhyme, beat and rhythm.
  • Boosting childrenā€™s memory, listening and attention skills.
  • Developing the three Prime Areas of Learning (communication and language, physical development, personal, social and emotional development) so that children have the skills to access the specific areas.
  • Igniting childrenā€™s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, forming relationships and thriving.
  • Raising childrenā€™s learning outcomes across all seven areas of learning within the foundation stage.

Music builds pupils’ confidence and supports wellbeing. Music Service EY Specialists teachers will foster and model the three ā€˜characteristics of effective learningā€™ so that children learn to explore, to be engaged and motivated to develop their thinking skills by making links in their learning through music.

Soundtots is an ideal platform to broaden your curriculum and give opportunities to strengthen and apply the prime areas of learning through music making and movement.

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