Inspire Music Sessions: Music Workshops For Schools


Services For Education can provide a wide range of one-off or multiple engaging Music workshops designed for whole class engagement at a school site for EFYS, KS1, KS2 or KS3, including African Drumming/Djembe, Percussion, Singing, Ukulele, Recorder and Music Production/Technology.

You can book music workshops as full day (£360) or half day sessions (£245).

Express your interest using our initial booking form. Your booking will only be confirmed after a discussion with a member of our music team.


Services For Education provide engaging, inspiring and educational workshops for both students and staff on a variety of topics.

  • One-off Music Workshops within the school day
  • Fully Covid-secure
  • Bespoke Workshops are designed for each Key Stage
  • Could be a whole or half a day, involving a single or rotating groups, with a maximum of 30 at a time
  • Delivered by experienced and engaging practitioners from Services For Education’s Music Service
  • All instruments and resources supplied
  • Choice of: Djembe, Percussion, Steel Pans, Vocal (e.g. Gospel, Soul, Boys, Pop, links to curriculum etc.), Ukulele, Recorder
  • Themed topics linking to curriculum or seasonal festivals chosen in agreement with the school
  • Fosters positive mental health, well-being, creativity, listening skills, teamwork and resilience
  • Part of an effective recovery curriculum

For more information, contact us here or call us on 0121 366 9950.

How to Book

When you complete our initial booking form, it will be sent through to our music project lead. They will get in touch with you using the contact details submitted and discuss your requirements, including price, dates and times. When you are happy, the order will become confirmed and your booking will be secured.