Managing Anxiety in Children and Young People


Webinar and Podcast

Some worry is a normal part of every child’s experience, often changing from one developmental stage to the next.

However, when worry or stress make it hard for a child to function normally, anxiety can be seen as limiting their ability to access learning, their lives and the world around them, and at worst, preventing those things. And as if growing up didn’t have enough anxieties associated with it, now we have a whole new level of stuff to worry about.


Anxiety is a normal response to something dangerous or stressful and has nothing to do with strength, courage or character. It becomes a problem when it shows up unexpectedly and takes a particularly firm hold. When anxiety is in full swing, it feels awful. Awful enough that anticipation of the feeling is enough in itself to cause anxiety. Anxiety in children can be especially confusing , not only for the ones who are feeling anxious, but also for the adults who care about them.

With many children experiencing levels of anxiety not experienced before, this video course will explore the feelings, thoughts, language and behaviour of anxiety with strategies and links to resources to support you to support children and help them return to school.

This 60 minute video-based course is suitable for teachers and other adults working with children. It is not confined to children affected by covid 19 but also addresses how anxiety can be a result of other fears and experiences.

The courses considers the natural physiological responses and how adults can help children to manage them. It also looks at how anxiety can limit and prevent learning and suggests ways to support children in the classroom.

The course references easily accessible resources such as ‘Myg and Me’.

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About Liz Bates (Course Leader):

Liz taught for over 25 years before becoming an education advisor specialising in Mental and Emotional Health and Wellbeing.

She has successfully supported many schools in their approach to both pupil and staff wellbeing, providing training and consultancy around emotionally safe classrooms, secure bases for pupils and staff, attachment and trauma, mental health and mental illness, Protective Behaviours, and other issues relating to wellbeing.

Much of Liz’s work is bespoke, creating support packages through dialogue with individual schools. Liz has written 3 books and teaching resource packs for schools and other organisations that work with children.

These have been extremely well received and are used nationally, helping children explore the internal world of their feelings and thoughts, manage anxiety and self-calm. Liz regularly runs workshops and speaks at conferences around the country. Liz also works as a wellbeing advisor for Optimus and a trainer for the Anna Freud Centre in London.