How to Teach Relationships Education (Including Puberty) – Modules 1-4


This series of four webinar courses, each with accompanying workbook, enable schools to develop their ethos towards Relationships Education (including puberty) which is fully compliant with the new requirements for statutory status, whilst reflecting individual school culture and practice.

Two webinars are specifically for school and subject leaders, and two are for classroom practitioners.


Services for Education believes that a comprehensive Relationships Education package in Primary Schools should prepare children for life in Modern Britain and for puberty and beyond. High quality teaching and learning in this area is an integral part of a school’s approach to Safeguarding and the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum. Our experienced advisers have written this course to help to develop positive attitudes, values and high levels of self-esteem, to challenge prejudice and negative attitudes in society and promote the skills needed for effective communication. Two of the webinars are for school and subject leaders, looking at getting all interested parties on board and compliance (and beyond!). The other two webinars are for classroom practitioners, focusing on Relationships Education specific pedagogy and how to teach some of the potentially more sensitive issues that the subject encompasses. Our flexible course enables school leaders to focus on increasing their knowledge of what is required in the new statutory guidance and how to implement it in their community, alongside equipping staff with the skills to develop in pupils the important acquisition of skills relating to risk analysis, self-esteem and questioning and the ability to be able to manage emotions and recognise the consequence of their actions. For more information, contact us here or call us on 0121 366 9950.

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