Primary Curriculum Music CPD


A bespoke programme can be designed to support primary school teachers on a half-term or termly basis to support the teaching and delivery of curriculum music lessons.

You can book these sessions on a one-off or more regular basis at a cost of £58 per hour.

Express your interest using our initial booking form. Your booking will only be confirmed after a discussion with a member of our music team.


Services For Education can design a bespoke programme for each individual school.

  • Class teachers will be paired with a highly-skilled teacher from SFE’s music service via a team teach model to develop their subject knowledge and confidence in delivering curriculum music.
  • The programme will include Team-Teaching strategies and there will also be the opportunity for teachers to reflect and develop their teaching in a structured way.
  • Bespoke support and advice for NQTs
  • Bespoke support and advice for Primary Music Coordinators not trained in music
  • Multiple ½ days also possible
  • Fully COVID-secure.

For more information, contact us here.

How to Book

When you complete our initial booking form, it will be sent through to our music project lead. They will get in touch with you using the contact details submitted and discuss your requirements, including price, dates and times. When you are happy, the order will become confirmed and your booking will be secured.