Charanga – Online Music Resources for Schools


Charanga is a fantastic music scheme for the new curriculum, accessed via a year-long online subscription.

It is currently used in over 5,000 schools in the UK and is suitable for instrumental, vocal and general music classroom work.

You can get a free 30-day no-obligation trial here and get started straight away.

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This software is for school music specialists and teachers to use in class, group or individual settings, including for practise at home and includes:

  • A complete scheme to teach the national curriculum for music
  • A vast library of songs, topics, instrument courses and creative apps
  • In-depth support for assessment, SEND and personalised teaching and learning

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[accordion-item title=”What is Charanga Music”]

Charanga Musical School is a world-renowned music teaching and learning platform. It enables teachers, non-specialists and CPD music coordinators to teach the DfE’s Model Music Curriculum in a fun and interactive way.

With your subscription, you will find a comprehensive library of KS1 music resources and KS2 music resources, songs, topics, instrument courses and creative apps to help make music lessons engaging for primary school pupils.

In the latest music curriculum, Ofsted has placed a greater emphasis on delivering “high-quality” music lessons. The Charanga Musical School is the ideal KS1/KS2 music resource to help young pupils develop a better understanding of music in the optimum learning time.

The Charanga Musical School platform can support regular classes, home learning, special needs education and assessments.

[accordion-item title=”How Much Does Charanga Cost?”]

At Services For Education, Charanga Musical School will cost £260 for a one-year online subscription. This package includes an enormous library of songs, instrument courses, creative applications, themes, and topics. Charanga’s ground-breaking and cost-effective musical platform is complete with everything required to teach the national KS1/KS2 curriculum for music.

There is in-depth support for assessments and personalised teaching and learning with customisable features. To see if it’s right for your school, sign up for a free 30-day trial. No payment details are required.

There are also supplementary KS1 music resources, such as Charanga Recorder World. This 1-term recorder programme helps introduce young children to instrumental learning and supports your school at Key Stage 1.

[accordion-item title=”What is YUMU Charanga?”]

YUMU Charanga is a secure online platform for teachers and students working from home, currently supporting over 1.3 million students. With access to this innovative platform, primary school pupils can continue learning, playing, and developing their musical skills and understanding outside of the classroom.

It is a great way for students to continue their musical progression by engaging in independent learning and finishing assignments.

Education is becoming much more inclusive of online learning approaches. Teachers with a license to use Charanga’s Musical School or Musical Professional programmes are allowed to support every child they teach through the YUMU Charanga platform.

[accordion-item title=”Charanga Music Benefits”]

Charanga music comes with many benefits, which explains why 64% of all English primary schools use Charanga Musical School. Some of the positive benefits of Charanga Music School include:

  • Increased competence, knowledge, and quality of teaching.
  • Improved teacher well-being through confidence, job satisfaction and reduced workload.
  • Positive student results through increased musical activity and accomplishments.
  • More engaged children and energy in the classroom.
  • A broad spectrum of genres that educate children in music history and multiple cultures.
  • It is well-suited to music specialists with such a large quantity of available resources.
  • It is great for non-specialists and CPD music coordinators, due to the platform’s simple step-by-step process.
  • It encourages children to make music together and collaborate.

[accordion-item title=”Charanga Musical Schools – Are they Beneficial?”]

Charanga Musical School is a music programme and platform packed full of positives for students, teachers, schools and CPD music coordinators. The ‘Scheme’ sector is ideal for non-specialist teachers as it offers a simple step-by-step approach for teaching music. Teachers and CPD music coordinators are provided with week-by-week programmes for specific year groups, complete with lesson plans, assessments, clear progression, and whiteboard resources.

On the other hand, Charanga is great for specialist music teachers through the ‘Freestyle’ section. This offers a flexible option for teachers looking to access a wider range of Charanga’s resources from the library. The Freestyle programme allows for customisation and includes topics or primary themes categorised by age range.

‘Charanga Sing’ is another brilliant feature, containing over 500 songs. It’s an excellent way for teachers to help children uncover their identity and express their culture. Children are also introduced to instruments at a young age, which can help the development of the brain, improve coordination, literacy, and mathematical ability.