Safeguarding is an essential component of working with children so this course would be valuable to any professional who comes into contact with children at work.

You could be a headteacher, looking to find a whole school solution for training your staff.

You could be an entertainer, looking for a way to ensure your safeguarding information is up to date.

Or perhaps you run a club, music school or similar.

In fact, all of our own employees are required to complete this course.

Keeping Children Safe in Education talks about governing bodies (or equivalents) having “Mechanisms in place to assist staff to understand and discharge their role and responsibilities” making it clear that staff and volunteers require clear guidelines and examples of good practice, all of which are guaranteed in our online training.

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Topics Covered:


  • Understanding the difference between ‘Child Protection’ and ‘Safeguarding’
  • Responsibilities – national and local guidance
  • Noticing signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect
  • Responding to disclosure: Reporting; Recording and Referring
  • Current issues of concern
  • Safer Working Practices


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