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Our Music Service provides schools and settings, children, young people and others with better musical education, regardless of their background or situation. Every music course is designed to inspire everyone to learn or teach music.

Whether you require Charanga Training for School Staff or GCSE/A Level Music Ensemble Support, we have a vast range of accessible musical tools to suit your needs.

With so many exciting, engaging and educational music programmes available, teaching music has never been so easy or fun!

We strive to build memorable experiences for young people across the country to engage in music as best they can. This starts with our ensembles, school support services, exams and resources.

We are really passionate about the true benefits of music and just want to share that with others.

One of our main aims is to help bring more music to schools across Birmingham, where we can witness its value first-hand in the local community.

We do this by offering a variety of in-school services, including special workshops, music teachers for hire, annual reporting, assembly support, advisory visits and training courses.

All the money raised from our music and school support services is reinvested into creating new and innovative projects for children in Birmingham.

If you want to book a music service online, use our new online booking form for music tuition in schools.

Alternatively, for any questions about our services or to learn how music supports development, contact us today.

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Music has multiple benefits to health and development, especially for children. It’s been shown to improve a child’s mood, boost brainpower, build confidence and resilience while teaching patience, cognition and discipline.

We firmly believe that music can have a positive impact on the lives of children, which is why we set up Services For Education in the first place.

However, with government funding cuts, music provision in schools has declined over the last few years. Sadly, this means a lot of children and young people don’t get an opportunity to enjoy and benefit from music-making.

Our range of music courses and resources are an affordable solution, making learning and teaching music engaging, exciting and educational.

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Multiple studies prove that a child’s brain development can accelerate dramatically when exposed to positive musical experiences. The power of musical education is not just a single subject. The skills obtained when engaging in music positively affects all elements of a child’s development.

Here are the elements of positive development due to musical education:

  • Intellectual
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Motor
  • Language
  • Literacy

Teaching music to children is vital for a child’s overall development. Academic skills that become particularly prevalent are language acquisition and reading.

Also, when a child learns a musical instrument, it can improve their mathematical ability. Common skills such as increased memory capacity, cognitive development, learning ability and expression are other added benefits.

Teaching music to children is vital, not only for musical education but for a child’s overall development. At Services For Education, we strive to create, supply and produce the best musical education courses for our local communities.

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At Services For Education, we are extremely passionate about the power of music and the huge benefits it has on pupils and schools.

Our music team are highly experienced and have over 50 years of experience. Our musical expertise has seen us work with 384 schools across Birmingham, supplying and providing the very best musical education on the market.

We have worked in close partnership with schools in Birmingham for more than sixty years and have achieved more in this area than any other organisation.

Supporting 38,000 children a week, we work with over 380 schools and loan instruments to over 27,000 young musicians. We can provide expert tuition on more than thirty instruments in a range of styles and cultures.

Music really does change lives for the better, and we are here to make that happen.


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With such a dynamic range of educational platforms to teach music, we have everything you need, whether you are an expert or a beginner.

Feel free to browse our services and products by category below. We provide exceptional music tuition and support along with the best music resources available on the market.

Our vast selection includes Charanga music, Live Music Performances, and World Music Teacher for Schools.

We are proud of all our musical resources, products and services and would like nothing more than to help you teach music more effectively.

For more information or support booking an online service, contact us here. Alternatively, take a look at our online prospectus.



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