Music Exams

Glasses, pen and music sheets, ready for a music exam.

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Examinations attainment is an important part of demonstrating impact in the teaching of Instrumental and Vocal Music. We offer examination sessions for the ABRSM and Trinity examinations board.

We are also pleased to offer world music exams in partnership with PRSSV as well as music examinations using QCA accredited music medals and we organise examination sessions for the ABRSM and Trinity examination boards.

Accompanists are provided and entries processed here.

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At Services For Education, we know that taking music exams can be a daunting task for a young person or child.

Our tutors and examiners are all trained to make students feel at ease and to offer as much support as possible whilst they prepare for and take their music exams, ensuring that they walk away from the experience feeling accomplished, whatever the outcome.

We will offer as much or as little support as needed.

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If you would like to discuss music exams with us, then please email



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