Music Concerts

Picture of a music service concert in the symphony hall, put on by services for education

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Services For Education run concerts throughout the year that are open to everyone.

They take place in a variety of different venues including some fantastic locations like the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and Symphony Hall and showcase some of the wonderfully talented musicians we work with.

Keep an eye out for our latest concerts on this page.

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It is so rewarding for musicians to get an opportunity to perform, if they want to.

We offer our students the chance to do just that for their family, friends and the public, with a variety of concerts (some of which are free to attend). This also provides an opportunity to inspire attendees and change their perceptions on music.

All of the money made on tickets is reinvested to create new, exciting projects that support children in Birmingham.

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If you would like to discuss our music concerts and performances then please email



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