Mental Health and Wellbeing

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Does your organisation have a focus on the mental health, emotional health and wellbeing of its staff and pupils?

Do you want to create an environment where the mental health of pupils and staff is supported effectively?

Providing opportunities for staff members to develop their understanding of children’s mental and emotional health, accessing strategies to support children and approaching behaviour management by taking account of children’s emotional needs are being acknowledged as critical factors by an increasing number of schools.

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The Emotional Health Podcast

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Online Emotional Health Courses

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As a member of the Mental Health at Work and Protective Behaviours Consortium, we are extremely passionate about improving the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people, via our work with schools.

And we are willing to offer flexible and bespoke options to achieve this.

Training can be delivered as full day or half day, and as bespoke combinations as many of our sessions have themes which can be grouped.

We are happy to follow your lead on what you require or to advise on which combinations may be most suitable for your school.

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For more information contact us here or call us on 0121 366 9950.



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