Maths Interventions

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[title text=”MAThs INTERVENTIONS TO PUT LEARNING BACK ON TRACK” tag_name=”h1″ size=”88″]

The Education Endowment Fund recently published the Covid-19 Support Guide for Schools which details the various ways that ‘Catch Up’ Funding can be used to enhance and support a recovery curriculum for pupils when they return to school. One of their suggestions is interventions.

At Services For Education, we work with Edge Hill University to provide a variety of different Maths interventions, including the FirstClass@Number Programme; the positive impact of which has been evidenced by EEF. Please feel free to browse our interventions, below.

[title text=”1stclass@number programme”]

The 1stClass@Number Programme provides a choice of three highly effective, small group programmes for children who need additional support with the KS1 mathematics curriculum. A specially trained teaching assistant delivers up to 30 half-hour sessions to a group of up to four children, for 10 -15 weeks. The children continue to take part in their normal class mathematics lessons.

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[title text=”success@Arithmetic programme”]

Success@Arithmetic is a calculation-based intervention for KS2 and KS3 (years 3 to 8) pupils who struggle with arithmetic, number and written calculation skills. Success@Arithmetic is delivered locally by an accredited ECC Trainer and lasts 2.5 days for both the lead teacher and teaching assistant.

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[title text=”for more information”]

If you would like to find out more about our interventions, click on the pictures above, or visit our informational page here. We offer all of the above on a bespoke basis to fit the needs of your school. To find out more about this, please email us.


[title text=”about the course leader – Denise harris”]

Denise Harris - Services For Education - School Support and Teacher TrainingDenise has 25 years’ experience as a qualified teacher (B.Ed, Hons) working in schools and an Education Action Zone. She became a local authority primary consultant in 2003 with a focus on mathematics and assessment.

In this role she gained accreditation as an Every Child Counts (ECC) Teacher leader and was awarded an MA in Early Mathematics from Edge Hill University. She has also successfully completed the NCETM Primary Professional Development Lead Support Programme gaining recognition as being accredited and up-to-date on current thinking on national mathematics priorities.

The focus of her current role is the management and delivery of the statutory assessment contract for moderation and monitoring on behalf of Birmingham LA. Through this role, and as an active member of AAIA, she works closely with other moderation managers both locally and nationally.

If you would like more advice from Denise at

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