two little girls reading together. Representing New to Year 6 -Making and Moderating Teacher Assessments at the End of Key Stage 2

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Key stage 2 is a critical time in a pupil’s life. The transition from infants to juniors and key stage 2 curriculum marks a new era of opportunities to develop and brings SATs exams into focus.

As young pupils progress from year 3 to year 6, you’ll notice a shift in the learning behaviours of KS2 classes.

Your pupils will become more aware of how others perceive them and will face various distractions. Many will also be keen to take on more responsibility and learn independently in their KS2 classes. 

As a teacher, it is essential to adopt the right framework and utilise the best resources to manage this transitional period.

At Services For Education, we can support teachers and schools across the entire key stage 2 curriculum in a number of ways. From providing KS2 music resources to helping you clarify the demands of the national writing standards for KS2, we’re here to help every step of the way.

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Further Useful Resources for the Key Stage 2 Curriculum

At Services For Education, we are committed to using the power of learning and music to create and build confidence amongst pupils, adults and communities across Birmingham.

To support this vision, we constantly post relevant insights and guidance on education – including updates about the key stage 2 curriculum. Take a look: