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We have produced a series of free videos which aim to provide strategies, approaches and resources to best develop your child’s skills and understanding. The courses are focused for those home educating children in the primary age range and include practical exercises and materials to use at home. Subjects that we cover are English, maths, science and modern foreign languages. 

Written and presented by our team of  experts, each video is about 20-30 minutes long, and most include a downloadable ‘workbook.’ You can watch the videos  as many times as you like which are designed to help enhance your skills and confidence in supporting your child in these key areas. 

For the purpose of monitoring numbers and keeping you informed of any changes, we require a first name and email address to register to access the courses. We are working in partnership with Birmingham City Council who are funding the course provision. The ONLY information shared with BCC is the number of people who registered to access the videos.


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Register here to access all the Online Courses:

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For more information contact us here or call us on 0121 366 9950. 





What will be covered in the Maths Online Course?

  • Video 1: Progression Through Multiplication: visualising the concept
  • Video 2: Progression Through Multiplication: informal to formal written methods
  • Video 3: Reasoning and Problem Solving in Multiplication
  • Video 4: Going into Greater Depth

What will be covered in the English Online Course?

  • Video 1: Phonics Part 1
  • Video 2: Phonics Part 2
  • Video 3: Fluency
  • Video 4: Reading Comprehension
  • Video 5: Vocabulary 
  • Video 7: Writing with purpose – 7 to 11 

What will be covered in the Science Online Course?

  • Video 1: Introduction to science  

What will be covered in the Modern foreign languages Online Course?

  • Video 1: Why teach a modern foreign language?  
  • Video 2: Picking your language and getting started   

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Services For Education is a provider of education and learning which improves the lives of children, young people and adults.

Comments from previous training:

“The course gave me lots of ideas and useful links/resources to explore”

“Well delivered and lots of ideas to take away and implement at home.”

“Brilliant course. Much needed. Took away lots of ideas”


About the Course Leaders

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We have additional resources that you may find useful:

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Our parents resource page also has lots of additional homeschooling resources covering a variety of topics.


Recent posts from our Educational Blog:

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